Living through 30

This year Iโ€™ve been dealing with some very hurtful things. Iโ€™ve been broken so much that it caused me to question who I was, and my passion. Iโ€™ve had to accept my uncontrollable tears, emotional vulnerability, and overall pain and darkness.
I even considered doing some unfavorable things that the former me wouldโ€™ve never approved of.

But I purposed to find my strength to make it through the end of each day, reminded that Greater days are on the way. Living with pain has been tough and very unfreeing and It often feels like an illness or disability.

The personal things that have occurred- I could not control. I did not create. I cannot resolve. And I find this difficult to accept and not question why.

My prayer is that soon I will be able to wake up with dry eyes, restored mind and a spirit full of joy and peace in spite of my circumstances, that Iโ€™ll be able to laugh and let go of the hurtful heart things, and that Iโ€™ll see the brighter days even through the stormiest moments. My prayer is that โ€œsoonโ€ is closer than I think. Although diminished, I have not lost hope.


I ran today…first time in about two years or so…first time working out since January. 4 laps running, another 4 walking & straight away combo…Yes, I thought I was going to pass out. But, I made it. With help, I made it. Because, I’ve got to come out of my grief from the losses. I’ve got to come out…to make it. Greater Cometh in Jesus’ name. It’s around the corner….Praying until Completion. Working on my #SolarPower


Someone like you?

Recently someone called to book me to sing to which I had a prior commitment…
When I declined, she asked, ” Is there anyone you know who can sing like you?”

Don’t ever accept anyone telling you that Your Gift isn’t special because there are plenty out there looking for the Blessing that only You Can Give.

Keep moving forward, someone needs YOU!


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